Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Without proper management and treatment, Diabetes can lead to heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, sores, and even losing limbs or going blind!  If you or a loved-one has Diabetes, don’t worry: our personalized Diabetes Management Program focuses on early treatment in order to prevent these bad outcomes.

We concentrate on preventative remedies, continuously screening and treating patients in order to improve their health.  Our Diabetes Management Program offers more intense therapy than that provided by specialists, who see patients too infrequently, leading to minimal results.  Diabetic patients will also appreciate the convenience and affordability of not being referred to an Endocrinologist.  Our skilled and compassionate physician, who specializes in Diabetes, is here to help you every step of the way.

Our patients with previously diagnosed diabetes, or with suspected diabetes, receive a thorough, multi-specialty medical exam. Tests for sugar levels, kidney function, protein in the urine, cholesterol, hemoglobin and more are conducted in our on-site lab.

This treatment program incorporates oral medications and insulin. Dosages are monitored on an ongoing basis. Patients receive regular foot exams to ensure adequate circulation. We believe that early nerve conduction velocity studies to evaluate peripheral neuropathies - a cause of foot amputation -- should be done routinely on anybody with diabetes. We do this testing in our office so you don't have to wait for months to see a specialist.

Patients with diabetes also receive extensive nutritional counseling to help them manage their disease. We have excellent working relationships with endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, or podiatrists and coordinate with these professionals regularly.

Diabetes Management Program Patient Testimonial:

"I have had diabetes for about 11 years and after 4 months on the Diabetes Management Program, my blood sugar went from the high 400s to 92! At the time of my first diabetic appointment, they were even considering hospitalization! I feel much better now and have more energy at work. My spirits and mindset are also much better because I know this is working. Dr. Fereidouni really cares. He takes the time to listen and answer my question. I don’t know where I would be without the program!"

-Amy D., Patient

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